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MARCH 2017

Roll call : 6.00pm on 3rd March at Chada Beach to organise our dive gear for the following day. Miraculously all 19 of us had arrived at the hotel  travelling on various flights and different days but we all made it to our destination in the end!


It was perfect timing for sundowners on the beach!!


Our Group: Jake Tobin, Tom Griffiths, Kevin Gleeson, Frances Partridge, Sue Upton, Vicki Jeynes, Chantal Geall, Tim and Judith Swindell, Judy, Martin and Beth Sillitto, Carolyn and Tony Robinson, Lindy and Steve Milton, Denise and Owen Briggs, Helen Geall.

Blue Planet logo

We spent 6 days with Blue Planet Divers, whose guides were very professional and safe. Due to unexpected boat issues, we also got to experience 3 different boats throughout the week: the catamaran, the large plod plod boat and the super fast speed boats, which enabled us to get to the exciting sites further afield!

The Diving

Chada Beach Resort & Spa

5 March 2017 : Koh Haa 5 and Koh Haa 6

6 March 2017 : Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Noi

7 March 2017 : Koh Haa 1 and Koh Haa Lagoon, 2-4

8 March 2017 : Kled Kaeo, Anemone Reef, Hin Klai

9 March 2017 : Hin Muang and Hin Daen and Koh Haa

10 March 2017 : King Cruiser, Shark Point and Hin Bida


Island and wake Boys who dive People shot Jetty

During the week we dived 2 wrecks, saw sea snakes, an enormous sea horse, leopard and reef sharks, wonderful schools of snappers and fusiliers and numerous turtles. The mantas were somewhere but not near us!!

snake leopard shark clownfish

Congratulations to Jake and Tom for completing their PADI Advanced Open Water course and to Vicki for her 800th dive!

Back at the hotel, we managed to get to the beach and pool in time for Happy Hour! Beer and cocktails were the order of the day, but we steered clear of the local wine ....


Thai massages, tuk tuk rides and some amzing meals both at the hotel and in town were also enjoyed by all.

After diving .....

Wine poster Beach 2 Gang on beach

Thank you to everyone who joined Indepth on this fantastic trip to Koh Lanta. It was certainly a memorable week, more so for some than others!


Don't forget the holiday reunion on 19th April, 7.30pm in the Salisbury Arms!!

Tom and Sue Jake and Sue Kevin and Sue

Sue and her toy boys

(Jake, Captain Kev and Tom)