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On 3rd September 2016, Indepth went on a group trip to the Mark Warner Levante Beach Resort in Rhodes for a week of diving, sightseeing and R & R.


Flying from Gatwick direct to Rhodes with a short transfer to the hotel, we were settled at the hotel bar by supper time! It was dark when we arrived, so it looked just like the picture on the right ..... but we woke up to this .....







In total, we did 7 dives during the week (8 for Frances and Donny). On our first full day in Rhodes, we travelled 10 minutes from the hotel by car to the beautiful Ladiko Bay where we did a "refresher" dive from the shore. Ladiko Bay is an old trading post, so it's possible to see all the old pottery strewn on the shallow sea bed. We swam out to the mouth of the bay and descended over the steep ledge. Schools of juvenile barracuda were in abundance!







When we weren't diving, we enjoyed the hotel and its numerous facilities. Donny, Frances and Jenny used the gym, Nils went wakeboarding, Helen waterskiing (of sorts!), 5 us of went on a massive paddleboard but then we had more success with the single paddleboards and kayaks!


Our meeting point all week was the beach bar, perfect for sundowners as it overlooked one of the pools and the beach.  This was a wonderful location for a week of both diving and relaxing, so was enjoyed by divers and non divers alike!



........ here's to another one next year!!

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The Group


Helen Geall

Jenny Barnes

Helen & Dave Cheshire

Frances & Ken Partridge

Donny Ming

Chantal Geall

Nils Czarnetski (our token teenage German!!)

Beach Ladiko-beach10 lindos1 st pauls bay

On day 2, we had a quick sightseeing walk around the wonderful cobbled streets of Lindos and marvelled at the beauty of St Pauls Bay. Little did we know that we would have our surface interval on our snazzy rib in the same bay a few days later.


We enjoyed 2 days of diving in the Lindos area, entering the wonderful caverns and caves. The water was warm, the viz fantastic, so a good time was had by all !!

We also enjoyed two dives on the wreck at Plimiri, with perfect conditions and no current. The boat trip of 3 minutes to the wreck suited us all and to be able to dive such a large wreck in only 15-25m was a treat.

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