Daedalus and St Johns : Liveaboard in the Southern Red Sea


June 2019   -  TRIP NOTES

What an amazing week we all had on board M/Y Blue Horizon!

We had some extremely lucky sightings at the renowned Daedalus Reef and loved the stunning reefs and caverns in the St Johns area.


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Our holiday began at Birmingham Airport with a direct flight to Marsa Alam followed by a 15 minute coach transfer to the boat, our floating hotel for the week!


We were greeted by our dive guides, including Elke (the shark expert) so we knew we were in for a great week. It was lovely to see some familiar faces amongst the crew too, including Captain Mohammed.


On Tuesday morning we left Port Ghalib and set sail heading South! Throughout the week, we went as far south as St Johns before returning northwards to Daedalus for some major shark action!

Blue Horizon St Johns Hammerheads Lone hammerhead Turtle Group Shot

The Group:


Mark Pile, Tim Swindell, Julie Goodwin, JuliaChaggar, Lindy & Steve Milton, Adam Haines, Owen & Denise Briggs, Martin & Beth Sillitto, Barry & Hazel Stuart, Andy Cave, Kevin Gleeson, Tony and Carolyn Robinson, Paul Goodman, Kevan Back, Neil Williams, Chantal Geall, Jenny Barnes, Ginette Hampshire, Nigel & Karen Hopson, Helen Geall


Blue O Two Guides: Elke, Silvain and Samira


The Crew: Captain Mohammed and his hardworking team

Dive Sites visited:


Sha'ab Marsa Alam

Sha'ab Sharm

Small Gota - St Johns

Umm Erug - St Johns

Dangerous Reef - St Johns

Big Kota - St Johns

Cave Reef -St Johns

Sha'ab Sataya - night dive at St Johns

Daedalus Reef - HAMMERHEADS

Marsa Shuna

Highlight of the holiday


Waking up at Daedalus Reef to the calmest conditions possible for diving and rib entries. During our 1st dive on the reef before breakfast, the whole group witnessed 12+ hammerheads in just 25-30m depth. It was AMAZING!!


With 2 full days diving around Daedalus, we were lucky enough to see yet more hammerheads plus silky sharks cruising under the boat, as well as a manta nearby and numerous dolphins.

Photos taken

on our 1st dive

at Daedalus.


Thanks to Elke for sharing these pics  with us!!

Martin Beth Lindy Steve Denise Andy Kevan Paul Jenny Ginette Mark Tim Chantal Owen Briggs 2 Neil Williams 2 Barry Hazel Julie Kevin Gleeson Denise and Owen Dive group shot Julia and Julie Tony Carolyn and crew Lindy and Ginette Steve and Andy Rib Nigel and Adam Andy and Steve buddy check

The ultimate buddy check ....


Steve getting close on the left,

Andy looking anxious!

Steve moving in closer on the right! Is Andy fending him off or enjoying the moment?!

Thanks to all of you for making the trip so enjoyable. We even survived our last day in the "4 star hotel"!!


Congratulations to Tim for reaching 200 dives, to the recently certified Nitrox divers and to Ginette for

re-discovering how good it is to dive, especially in the warm, clear waters of the Red Sea.


To the newer divers amongst the group: remember how lucky you have been with such awesome sightings. Many of us have had to wait several years to be that close to the larger pelagics!!


Enjoy the photos below for some happy memories........